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No more Waiting in Lines

No more waiting in long lines for fresh halal meat. Just order and get it delivered from your neighborhood store

Local Partners

Order from your favourite local stores or halal meat chains and enjoy the fresh meat.

At your Door Step

Get the meat delivered at your door step on the same day. Fresh halal meat.

Loyalty Points

Order now and earn Go Points.

The only halal meat app which gives loyalty points to redeem against valuable benefits.

Referral Program

Share referral codes to friends and family and get $ credit on your order

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Coming Soon

Meat Store




Global setup of a state-of-the-art digital marketplace providing consumers the ability to place hassle-free mobile orders, assisting small and medium scale store owners to increase their revenue by connecting to a larger set of consumers, and providing convenient home delivery services with highest quality halal/kosher meat offerings.


As easy as 1 2 3

Select, Order and Track

On-demand delivery app, your best source of halal meat from your local favourite stores, search your store add item and get it delivered right to your door.

Download the app for iOS or Android for free.

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How it Works?

Few simple steps to order your meat

Learn more about GoMeat app how it works?


GoMeat platform is an in-app Ordering & Home Delivery System.

GoMeat is a marketplace leveraging mobile platform which uses both iOS and Android technologies to connect consumers with specialty retail meat stores offering fresh Halal and Kosher meat products such as red meat, poultry, and sea food. It extends the online presence of the existing Kosher and Halal meat stores to virtual communities. In addition, it also provides small scale store owners with the facility and tools to deliver their meat products to consumer’s door steps.

Key Platform Features


Value Proposition


GoMeat marketplace powered by GoMeat tech platform

  • Convenience of On-Demand Halal Meat ordering (Save Time)

  • Competitive pricing

  • Customization of meat orders

  • Fresh meat same day home delivery

  • Real time order / driver tracking


  • Promotions and discounts

  • Store reviews and loyalty program

  • Customer services support




Order Today

Stay tuned for more restaurants onboard

Sit back

Order grocery to get it on your doorstep!

Now you can order grocery from your favourite local store



Order Now

Order halal meat from your favourite local store 

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Same Day Delivery

Order today and get it delivered at your door step.

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For orders placed before 4pm

Orders placed after 4pm will be delivered next day

*Applicable within a 20 mile radius (New Jersey), 15 mile radius (Chicago), 20 mile radius (Georgia), from the local meat store. $50 minimum delivery order




Loyalty Points Program

Order now to earn  GO Points Or download app, to learn more about 

GO points

Coming Soon

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